Dear River Dragons Family and Chattahoochee Valley community;


Recently, two members of our River Dragons family made poor decisions to drive while under the influence. First and foremost, on behalf of the organization we wish to express our sincere apologies for their poor decisions. As an organization, we understand our responsibilities as public figures and as a team that proudly wears Columbus on our uniform, we take this issue seriously and know we must uphold the highest possible standards.


Our organization has asked for input and guidance from our fellow team members, especially our team chaplain and life coach, two very successful members of this community. We understand the outcome of their actions could have been much worse, and are thankful the situation did not affect others directly in our community. 

Our organization understands that we are in a special position - helping young men become better as hockey players, but more importantly better human beings. The players involved understand that mistakes and poor decisions were made. Working with our many team resources, we are using this as an opportunity to make our family members better. 

Jerome Bechard - River Dragons Head Coach

“As an organization, we take this issue seriously. Instead of discarding these players for a terrible decision, we imposed an internal team suspension to allow the organization to work with our players, getting them help with our team life coach and team pastor. We are grateful this incident didn't impact anyone but our players and our team. Both Sequoia and Breandan are continuing to better themselves by continuing their work with our team counselors and doing community work. In this way we perhaps can all be a part of stopping drunk driving.” 

Jeff Croop - Ignite Sports COO

“Both Breandan and Sequoia made serious mistakes, and they have owned up to them and realize what the potential impact could have been beyond what happened. Our players are family, and we are committed to supporting them as they learn from what happened. We also hope to send a clear message to others in the Chattahoochee Valley and the hockey community that drunk driving is unacceptable, and help is available to those who need it. We would also like to thank our team life coach and pastor for their guidance in this matter as Breandan and Sequoia look to make life changes going forward.”


If you or someone you know needs help with alcohol addiction or treatment, there are several resources in the area including Alcoholics Anonymous. Visit alcoholicsanonymous.com or to find meetings online or in-person and get 24-hour information on addiction call toll-free 470-866-4371.