FPHL Announces New Start Date; Inside Edge Club Pre-Sale Postponed

Columbus, GA - The Columbus River Dragons are releasing new information relative to the Inside Edge Club ticket pre-sale window and fan attendance for the 2021 season in light of the FPHL's new release of a February 3rd start to the regular season.

The Columbus River Dragons and the rest of the FPHL's member teams continue to monitor the situation regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and have the utmost concern for fan safety with any return to play plan. With that in mind, given the new start date of the league and the current rash of cases throughout the country and specifically the Chattahoochee Valley, the River Dragons do not anticipate clearance being given to allow fans to attend games in time to start the 2021 hockey season. 

For this reason, the Inside Edge Club pre-sale has been postponed indefinitely.

"Given the timeline in front of us, it is almost a certainty we will not be allowed fans at the start unless the number of new daily COVID cases gets below safe levels" Ignite Sports owner Jeff Croop said. "We must put the safety of everyone; fans, players, staff, at the forefront of what we do. If we are allowed fans it will still be at the greatly reduced rate previously discussed by our organization based on the state of the pandemic."

The River Dragons are hopeful that fans would be allowed to attend our games during the 2021 regular season at some point, and plan to offer the VIP Inside Edge Club pre-sale as early as possible. However it is impossible to predict an accurate date of when that would come to fruition. Until such time that we are allowed fans, and after that point too, the River Dragons are exploring enhanced broadcast alternatives on the River Dragons Radio Network and through video/television viewing as well so fans can keep up with the team all season long.

We are disappointed, no doubt as many of you are too, with this news. If or when fans are allowed into games the Inside Edge Club will still receive an advanced VIP window to purchase tickets for the 2021 season should they go on sale. Please be sure to follow the River Dragons on social media (@c_RiverDragons) to stay up to date with all the latest information.