Cottonmouths Legends Game Roster Revelaed

Columbus, GA - Prior to the Columbus River Dragons "Throwback night" game against the Carolina Thunderbirds, we'll wind the clock back with a Cottonmouths Legends team taking on the Fort Benning Hockey Club.

Doors will open at 3 P.M. and remain open with no building clear-out leading in to the River Dragons game. Entry into the Legends game will require a ticket to the River Dragons game dated March 7 and only the west side of the building will be open for seating during the Legends vs Benning game.

The River Dragons are proud to unveil the rosters for the two teams playing in that game.

Andrew Loewen (G)1CPT Cody Ross (G)1
Tom Maldonado2CPT Ryan Coffey2
Tim Green10LT Eddie Nolan3
Jean-Alain Schneider11LT Aaron Black6
Marcel Richard14SSG Max Soliday7
Tom McMonagle14CPT John Hubbard8
Jerome Bechard16SSG Trevor Howard9
Doug Mann17SSG Tony Kroncich10
Mike Martens19LT Cale Cookenmaster11
Levi Lind19SSG Danny Lemmon12
Ryan Rutz21LT Keegan Thomas13
Derek Marchand22CPT Shawn Zingler14
Carlyle Lewis24CPT Mac Lalor15
Sam Bowles24CPT Matt Milley17
Ian Vigier (G)41CPT Matt DePuydt18
Brad Prefontaine55SSG Devin Polson19

SFC Dylan Brown22

SSG Erin Dwyer (G)30

See you at the Civic Center on Saturday for a fun night of hockey!