Angry President Reels In Lucrative Front Office Option; Looking Sharp

Columbus, GA - The Columbus River Dragons have pulled the trigger on a big move to start the 2020-21 offseason, sending Broadcaster Zak DeBeaussaert to the Danbury Hat Tricks in exchange for reigning broadcasters of the year Casey Bryant and Zak McGinniss.

When asked about the move, River Dragons President/GM Scott Brand didn't mince words.

"Well frankly I was upset because for the last two years my guy has been the Broadcaster of the Year in this league" Brand said. "When the results came out I immediately got on the phone to make this happen. Not only was I happy to get Casey, but I said might as well throw the other guy in too since I'm already used to the name Zak."

DeBeaussaert was upset by the move but understands that pro sports is always a business.

"I know it's not personal with Scott and he's protecting his reputation" DeBeaussaert said in the middle of packing his desk, including his 2018-19 Broadcaster of the Year award. "What gets me though is he's only getting 2/3 of the award for me who has a full award, though I guess if you get the other Zak's previous half-award (from 2017) in there too it's more than one. I don't know fractions are hard."

Bryant and McGinniss are excited about the opportunity to move south and expand their broadcasting horizons, just further south than they might have expected.

"I've gotta get Scott (Boras, his agent) on the line" Bryant said. "I was told this was the Blue Jackets and I was gearing up for this July start the NHL keeps talking about, unbelievable." 

McGinniss could not be reached for comment, presumably because his wife is still chewing his head off about the transaction.

The River Dragons as an organization are excited to welcome Bryant and McGinniss into the fold, oh and one more thing for the fans in this press release...

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