River Dragons Schedule Revealed!

Columbus, GA - The Columbus River Dragons, proud members of the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) have released their 2019/2020 inaugural season schedule. The River Dragons will play 29 home dates, 27 away dates, and 2 neutral site games this season. Their Home Opener is scheduled for November, 1 2019 at 7:35 PM against the Elmira Enforcers at the Columbus Civic Center. 

The FPHL is entering into its 10th season and will feature 10 teams with the 10th team being in Michigan. The official unveiling for the Michigan team will come at a later date. 

The River Dragons schedule features 11 Saturday-night home games. There will be special promotional games during the season that will include Cancer Awareness Night, Military Appreciation Night, and a Hometown Heroes game just to name a few. The puck will drop for Friday night games at 7:35 PM, Saturday’s games start at 6:05 PM, and Sunday’s contests will start at 4:05 PM. 

All 58 River Dragons home and away games as well as a weekly coaches' show is scheduled to be broadcast on a PMB Broadcast station throughout the hockey season beginning in late October and running through April. The River Dragons have reached a partnership deal with PMB Broadcasting, LLC of the Chattahoochee Valley. The PMB broadcast family operations include Q107.3 "Today's Best Music", Boomer 102.5 "Playing the Best Rock of Yesterday", Classic Rock 105.5 and several other stations. 

River Dragons Schedule

10/25/2019Columbus River DragonsvDelaware Thunder
10/26/2019Columbus River DragonsvDelaware Thunder
11/1/2019Elmira EnforcersvColumbus River Dragons
11/2/2019Elmira EnforcersvColumbus River Dragons
11/8/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
11/9/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
11/15/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
11/16/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
11/22/2019Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
11/23/2019Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
11/27/2019Mentor Ice BreakersvColumbus River Dragons
11/29/2019Mentor Ice BreakersvColumbus River Dragons
11/30/2019Mentor Ice BreakersvColumbus River Dragons
12/6/2019Port Huron ProwlersvColumbus River Dragons
12/13/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
12/14/2019Columbus River DragonsvPort Huron Prowlers
12/20/2019Delaware ThundervColumbus River Dragons
12/21/2019Delaware ThundervColumbus River Dragons
12/27/2019Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons
12/28/2019Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons
12/29/2019Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons*
12/31/2019Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
1/3/2020Watertown WolvesvColumbus River Dragons
1/4/2020Watertown WolvesvColumbus River Dragons
1/10/2020Port Huron ProwlersvColumbus River Dragons
1/11/2020Port Huron ProwlersvColumbus River Dragons
1/12/2020Port Huron ProwlersvColumbus River Dragons*
1/17/2020Columbus River DragonsvWatertown Wolves
1/18/2020Columbus River DragonsvWatertown Wolves
1/24/2020Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons
1/25/2020Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons
1/31/2020Columbus River DragonsvElmira Enforcers
2/1/2020Columbus River DragonsvElmira Enforcers
2/7/2020Columbus River DragonsvMentor Ice Breakers
2/8/2020Columbus River DragonsvMentor Ice Breakers
2/9/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
2/14/2020MICHIGANvColumbus River Dragons
2/15/2020MICHIGANvColumbus River Dragons
2/21/2020Columbus River DragonsvDanbury Hat Tricks
2/22/2020Columbus River DragonsvDanbury Hat Tricks
2/28/2020Danbury Hat TricksvColumbus River Dragons
2/29/2020Danbury Hat TricksvColumbus River Dragons
3/1/2020Danbury Hat TricksvColumbus River Dragons
3/6/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/7/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/8/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/13/2020Columbus River DragonsvDanville Dashers
3/14/2020Columbus River DragonsvDanville Dashers
3/15/2020Columbus River DragonsvDanville Dashers
3/20/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/21/2020Columbus River DragonsvCarolina Thunderbirds
3/22/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
3/27/2020MICHIGANvColumbus River Dragons
3/28/2020Columbus River DragonsvMICHIGAN
3/29/2020Columbus River DragonsvMICHIGAN
4/3/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
4/4/2020Carolina ThunderbirdsvColumbus River Dragons
4/5/2020Danville DashersvColumbus River Dragons

* Neutral Site Game - Site TBD

For more information on your River Dragons, please visit www.rdragons.com and be sure to follow the team on Twitter @C_RiverDragons, Instagram @Criverdragons, and “Like” us on Facebook.